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Personal Heart Map Wall Decor, $68 Etsy

Are you and your sweetheart from different sides of the earth? Or maybe you grew up next door to one another but now you’re tackling long distance? This sweet little custom piece will stitch you two together with a heart made up of maps of your hometowns. It’s a perfect gift for weddings, engagements, and you guessed it, V-day!  For something more basic, the artist also does one piece heart maps of hotspots like London, Paris, and Italy. Perhaps it’s where you got engaged!

My room’s been a sweat shop lately making bags and other handmade gifts for all my friends and family who have hopefully accepted that being friends with a post-grad unemployed loser means lots and lots of handmade gifts. For me, however, it means an incredibly messy room (I mean more messy than usual, ok mom?). This little fold out craft table solves all my problems. It keeps everything in one place and I can fold it up when I’m done/when friends come over and I need to hide my holiday secrets.


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Fake Nails: An acrylic blast from the past

These are pressing times in the world of nail art. It’s all the rage, what with weird things like magnetic nail polish and Hello Giggles’ Nails of the day. I can count on one unmanicured hand the number of times I’ve gotten my nails done professionally. Sure, I get creative with my own collection of nail lacquer, but they never turn out exactly as I want them, as I am no artiste.  

Back in the elementary days, I used to LOVE press-on nails, even if the cheap ones I always got would fall off the day after I put them on. Recently I got to try a classier brand of Press-ons by Nicole Scherzinger with Broadway Nails through my internship with Alison Deyette. And boy, what fun they are! You see, I almost never have long nails. I bite when I’m bored, I bite when I drive, I bite when I’m nervous. With the Olympics going on, my nails don’t stand a chance! With the sudden length on these digits, I suddenly felt a whole lot classier, if not a whole lot more like anyone on my mom’s side of the family over the age of 60, which is still pretty cool. And the back scratches! Oh good lord, whenever you go for an itch with these babies it’s like a dream! I think there’s an episode of Seinfeld for that. 

Still though, the length was something to get used to. They get easily stuck in my hair, they make it difficult to pick up objects like a normal person, and worse, they hinder my piano playing skills! So I ended up cutting them a bit shorter. Back scratches are still great, but I don’t feel like Leo Dicaprio in the Aviator when he’s really let himself go. 

The designs aren’t really my taste either. Nicole Scherzinger has a bit of a Jersey Shore style and I’m all like, No, I don’t wish my nails were hot like you. I mean, really, who looks at a hibiscus and thinks “my, how perfect that would look on a backdrop of zebra print?” But I’m sure that’s just my opinion. Overall, they’re fun for those first few days, but once they come off, it’s nice to feel normal again, even if the back scratches aren’t so stellar. Next time, I’ll be trying the Sally Hansen Appliques, which I think carry patterns that are more for me, and will fit right up against my nail, like a glove! (I think there’s a Seinfeld episode for that too…)

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